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A secure and paperless environment that allows parents to submit verification information and medical forms online required for the YD8 form. All this can be done from the comfort of their own home and well in advance of registration nights.

From the information submitted the club is then notified the form is completed and ready for checking.

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Contactless and secure

The latest edition to the Players Elite group of applications, the Players Elite Parent Portal enables you to collect all player details, id, medical records, Covid test results and general player information, by allowing the parents to submit all required data online.

Using the information uploaded, the portal automates completion and submission of the EFL YD8 triallist registration form, which can them be accessed by authorised the club staff and easily submitted to the Football League.

Paperless, secure, efficient
and saves so much time


Automate emails

When a player is invited to trial
an email is sent to the parent to
log into the portal to complete all
the information required.


Real time

Club staff have a real time view
of the progress of the information
being submitted and can at any time see the status of the YD8 form completion.


Upload Documents

All the necessary medical history
and required identification
documents are uploaded by the
parent to the portal.


Automate YD8

Once all the information has been
submitted and checked, the portal
produces a completed YD8 form
at the click of a button.


Complete trialist forms in advance

Giving parents ability to upload verification and complete trialist forms
well in advance of player trial registration, means that all required
information is submitted in time and easily checked.

Thereby, reducing the need for the parent to bring all these
documents to the club by hand and no delays in getting players in to
the club.


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