About Us

Founded in London in 2012, Players Elite is an innovative growth company
within player recruitment and development. Our solutions are helping to
revolutionise the way development centres and recruitment are managed.

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Our Mission

Our unique industry led approach means we are helping clubs at
all levels to grow and develop their Pre Academy Talent and
Recruitment program and manage their development centres.

We believe coaches should be coaching and spotting talent,
which is difficult enough without having to spend most of the
time producing spreadsheets and budgets. Our aim, through our
solutions, is to achieve this and let coaches do what they do

How our solutions help


Multiple Centres

Players Elite will enable you to run and manage
multiple development centres from one place.
Monitor players, move players between centres,
invite players for training days and manage your
scouting network.


On the move

With our APP, your scouts are able to go to games
and tournaments and monitor or recommend players
to the system in real time. No paper work and no
time lost transferring written reports to the system.



Manage your entire scouting network through all
your development centres by assigning scouts to
matches, reading recommendations on players and
inviting players in to training days.


Our Process

Working in partnership with leading industry experts, we ensure
that our software reflects your day to day processes which
means we are well positioned to help your club develop its Pre
Academy Recruitment.

We develop software that allows you to manage your youth
recruitment from the early stages of scouting a potential player,
through to academy registration and ongoing assessment,
through multiple centres.


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