Bringing innovation to
scouting and recruitment

Intelligent and easy to use, the Players Elite scouting APP allows
on the move mobile phone access to key features in the system

Adding value and connectivity

Capture and centralise all data from every scout - the value is in the data.

The Players Elite APP allows your scouts to be constantly
connected ensuring they never miss an opportunity.

Creating match reports, player assessments and
recommendations can be done in real time, with no need to
wait for a computer to update records.


Instant information and
in real time



Sent in real time, notifications are
a great way to inform your
scouting network of important


Fixture Invites

Instantly notify scouts of matches
you want them to attend by
sending match invites direct to
their APP.


Instant Updates

With the APP and the online
system being synchronized,
records created on the APP are
updated instantly .


Email Communication

Communicate throughout your
entire scouting network with
smart and fast messaging


Match Reports

Scouts can create match reports for any fixture they visit, on
the platform or via the APP.

For each fixture tracking and monitoring of potential players
is made easy and can be viewed at anytime

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